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I have attended many classes and workshops and NEVER attended one that wasn't right on target. Angel walks that fine line between instructor, entertainer and one of the group. I love how he saw immediately the challenge he faced and orchestrated that professionally. --Phyllis Sheffield (World Clown Association 2006-2007 President).





Fun and funny workshops for folks from all walks of life, from drama

students to doctors. Learn to be a comedy entertainer or just add humor

to your business or personal life.



SILENT COMEDY: (Hands On) Through some hands-on exercises, you will learn how to use body gestures, facial expressions, and emotions (no words, but some use of sounds) to communicate and entertain your audience.


HOW TO BE FUNNY: (Lecture/Demonstration) Being funny is by far the hardest thing we do as an artist. Being funny comes from connecting with your audience. Being funny is at its strongest when you are honest with who you are. When you are real and not just running through your routines. We'll break down what works and what doesn't and why; to find opportunities to inject comedy and pathos in what you do as a clown.



Part One ~ Add dimension to your character with simple physical comedic movements.  Physical comedy will help to animate your character and engage your audience. Whether subtle or aggressive comedy movements, it will serve to enhance your act. 

Part Two ~ Easy physical moves; trips, walking into walls & doors. Slaps, hits, butt kicks, ear pulls, exaggerated actions and more. Learn to do it safely and effectively.


STAGE PRESENCE: (Hands On - In Two Parts)

Part One ~ Take control of your audience and keep them engaged throughout your performance. Recover from any mistakes or audience interruptions. Learn the basics of stage direction, entrance & exits.

Part Two ~ Bring a routine you are working on to practice skills learned.


PARTNERS IN COMEDY: (Hands On - In Two Parts) 

Part One ~ Working with partners.

Part Two ~ Working with the audience.

Whether you work as a solo act or with a partner, this workshop will teach you simple techniques to bring out the best of your partnership or an audience member volunteer. 


STROLLING ENTERTAINMENT: (Lecture/Demonstration) Use a hat, an umbrella, stickers, and other various props to entertain people while strolling at fairs, festivals and other events.


CREATING THE CLOWN CHARACTER: (Hands On) A clown is an extension of who you are. Learn how to develop and understand what makes a comedic character. You will learn how to create and discover your character by first exploring who you are.


COMEDY WITH MUSIC: (Lecture/Demonstration/Some Hands On)– Do you play the ukulele, the trumpet, a Kazoo or another musical instrument? Learn to incorporate it into your comedy routine.


SPECIALTY CLASSES DESIGNED FOR YOUR CONVENTION: Looking for something special that is not on my list? Do you want something to fit with your conference goal such as developing a show where there is a performance at the end of the event?  Do you have a show you need me to look at and suggest ideas…let’s talk?  


HUMOR WORKSHOPS: (Great for Corporates Events) An insight into comedy to build motivation, self- awareness, and self-esteem among workshop participants. Learned how to use comedy in stressful situations and how to put the "fun" into leadership responsibility. Fun activities, role playing and lots of laughs. If you want to learn how to incorporate humor in your business and personal life (not necessarily be an entertainer) this workshop is perfectly suited for those people in corporations, the educational field, medical institution, law enforcement and retail business.   





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