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CLOWNING: keep it simple, keep it real 



Angel Ocasio's book on clowning is a very entertaining book to read. It has a lot of good tips on clowning based on his own experience. Great fun, I laghted many times while reading it. It is a "must" for new and old clowns. Augusto Cabrera (Clown Algost) Sweden


I had a great time going through every single page. It's really true, keeping it simple and keeping it real. Wei Rong, China


I like the book as it is easy to read and provides practical examples on how to keep the clowning real and at the same time effective. Jimmy aka Caring Clown Rojo, China


It was a very interesting book with a lot of great tips on clowning and why we do what we do. It makes you think out of the box to see if some of the bits you did would work for everyone. Some of us think certain routines can only be done by certain gender and or type of clown. You challenge us to go one step further. I am going to reread the book to get more out of it that I am sure I missed. Cathy Mackey COAI Competition Chairman, MA


You guys need to get his book. There's lots of ideas and he makes you rethink what it is you're doing as a clown! Loved it. Wow, this book has been so much help. Thanks, you have no idea how this book is touching my mind and my heart. Oogie Piddlepop, TX


Angel's new book is great isn't it!? (that means it's da bomb, to you younger folks.) Eric Youngvall


Angel, I just finished your book and it is wonderful! Thank you for teaching and inspiring me.  Merrie King, OR


I truly enjoyed your book, it provided an understanding of simplicity in clowning and comedy in general. For me it'll be a great resource guide because it offers clowns the basic concepts and practical advice that keep clowning real and enjoyable! Aurora Krause, TX


My favorite thing about your book is that simply you keep the book simple and real. I see it, not as a "how to" book, but as a "how DO" book. It's not dictating to people rules that have to be followed (how to)...but is sharing your process and how you DO things: practical, engaging simplicity. It leads by example. It is truly wonderful. --Randy Christensen, USA

This book covers topics on the Character Clown, Being Funny,

Ad-libbing, Comedy Magic, What We Do as Clowns & more. Plus, it’s filled with comedy routines that you can incorporate into your own acts. Get your copy today by sending check, money order or credit cards for $15.00 each, plus $2.50 S&H. When ordering three or more books or for international orders, call or email for shipping rates. Mail your order to Angel Ocasio, 15315 NE 44th St. Vancouver WA 98682. For more information call 360-901-6798 or email to Also, available through Pay-Pal.

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